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Get the right data, without the headache

Our software gives the insights you need to improve operations, allowing team members to focus on the important work.

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Production Losses

Know exactly why time and parts are lost to prioritize top causes and implement the most effective solutions.

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Data Handling

Increase value-added work by replacing the pen & paper with digital data and automatically generated reports.

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Minimize losses by knowing about issues immediately, helping pace production and shorten response times.

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Quantify Production Losses

Know exactly why production targets are missed

It's often difficult to identify exactly where production losses occur. Current tools rely on pen and paper or delay studies to get data on losses, but these methods are insufficient and costly.

Lean Systems makes it simple to quantify losses by capturing detailed production data and creating visual dashboards.

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Detailed Production Data

Our app allows operators to capture and categorize all production time. It's like an automatic delay study. This gives more accurate and granular data than manual methods or traditional delay studies.

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Visual Dashboards

Know about your biggest problems at a glance. Our dashboards provide insights into top losses through a variety of graphs and charts. Analyze data through filters and queries to identify systemic issues and monitor improvements over time.

Streamline Data Handling

Replace manual workflows

Pen & paper data collection is cumbersome and time consuming for everyone involved. Manual capture takes operators away from value-added work and requires hours of transcription to produce useful insights.

Lean Systems automates this process through instant data collection and automatically generated reports.

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Instant Data Collection

Capture detailed production data at the click of a button. Allowing operators to focus on value-added work, rather than filling out paper forms.

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Automatic Reporting

Generate reports in seconds, instead of days. Replace paper-based workflows, saving hours of transcription and reducing the lead time to obtain insights.

Real-time Feedback

Reduce losses within the shift

It’s difficult to keep production on track with long feedback loops. Many losses occur from not knowing about production issues immediately. Long delays in responding to problems lead to losses that could be easily prevented. 

Lean Systems helps minimize losses by communicating issues as they happen through real-time feedback for operators and support staff.

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Operator Pacing

Pace production by giving operators real-time performance feedback. Operators can see how they’re performing relative to the design cycle time, encouraging real-time adjustments instead of realizing losses after the shift.

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Quick Response

Shorten support response times to production issues. Real-time dashboards help identify quality and availability losses immediately, so support team members can resolve problems quickly and prevent further losses

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